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I make art and occasionally animations/games too.

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Just wanted to briefly talk about my OCs and stuff going forward so to not throw anyone for a loop in the future.

Firstly, most of my characters I initially created for YAFC (Hawk, Mynt, Sam, Vix, James, and Dennis) except Hawk, Sam, and Vix, I'm basically not gonna use anymore since I'm not doing that whole thing anymore essentially. I'll have James, Dennis, and Mynt, though I'll barely use them.

As for the extras I created (Mocha, Flynn, Mira, Christine, and Kris), Mocha and Flynn will be kept but I will basically never use Mira or Christine anymore and I'm just gonna give Kris to someone else because I realized he was basically redundant to have considering other characters fulfill his exact purpose better.

Secondly, I've decided to not really have any characters in Nightlife except for Ferris for now. Therefore Jamie will not be used, and if I do end up using him he'll be heavily reworked anyways so he's essentially gonna be a new character at that point.

Thirdly, my old sonas (TurboR, Kitsune Ink, and Cinnamon) will still exist though they'll just be characters I draw instead of sonas of mine. My old pokesona Krist will be scrapped.

Lastly, I've heavily considered making new characters that I can just draw doing whatever, so I'll likely draw some random characters and if i really like their design I'll keep them as characters of mine.

That's about it, I'll draw something in the next couple days.

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